Pro Image – Art of Improving Business Style

Although a successful businessman, not of all know how to build a professional image in public. Because of the nature of work, many women leaders have lost their femininity; although the general manager of a large company, they are not confident to speak in public. Because of busy work, they always break promises with training courses. Despite all of them have owned power in the market but they still lack of something. And Pro Image is the master key for them.

Brand and personal image which is a private value help distinguish that individual with other people. Personal brand not only build an image in communicating with people but also is the self-awareness of strengths, weaknesses, skills, feelings,... as well as how to use those elements to make up the difference. Today, personal brand has become an essential element to achieve a brilliant success. It is becoming a trend that businessmen need to have in the flat world.

Academy of training and building professional image  

Pro Image was founded by the runner-up Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong, General Director of Nam Huong Media&Event and operated by CEO Nguyen Hoa Tam. In addition to official trainer of the academy is Ms.Thu Huong, Pro Image also pleased to welcome many teachers who are well-known and have professional experience in the field of personal branding: Fashion Designer Vo Viet Chung, Psychologist Ly Thi Mai, Miss Intercontinental 2012 Venezuelan Daniela Chalbaud,...

Personal brand brings many benefits to the owner
- It helps understand yourself better, and increase confidence and assertion. The process of personal brand is the spread of the message and it asserts the value of your personal. Built a successful personal brand means that you have a powerful tool to control yourself, your feelings before undergoing problems.

- Make a difference! When you built up their own brand, it is an effective tool to help distinguish you from colleagues and competitors. Personal brand will help your own values are not mixed, always been characterized in public and your image will be appreciated. 

- Brings the short-term and long-term benefits. The ultimate purpose of business or personal brand are sustainable development, profits and create trust and respect, especially your partners.
- When you have a famous brand, of course, you will have more opportunities in your field of activity. It is a bridge to help you integrate the global.
However, building personal brand and image has never been easy and simple. You should learn and improve from the experts in this field. They will help you shape the brand and image yourself.


If you are tinkering on the path of personal branding, you need to build the original platform - where people can find you easily. Pro Image will be the key to help you open the first door in personal branding. Pro Image is designed to meet the actual needs of entrepreneurs, especially those modern women leaders in building a professional and elegant image for yourself. The learners will be guided to explore their own values; trained and practiced in all the fields. This will give you a professional attitude in communication and work with everyone. The courses are designed creatively which help learners can acquire easily and quickly and apply flexible. The courses will include classes:
-    Art of public speaking
-    Art of communication at the party
-    The secret become influential people
-    Art of communication at the event
-    Art of communication in business
-    The power of words and express the love
-    Presentation skills 
-    Negotiation skills 
-    Art of transferring emotions
-    Time management and teamwork
-    Building personal image and professional style
-    Art of make-up
-    Art of posing for the camera
-    Building confidence with the costumes
-    Classical and modern dance
-    Vocal music
In addition to official courses for businessmen and women leaders, Pro Image has expanded training programs in new areas:
- Pro Parents with two classes: parents of children aged 0 to 6 years of age and children aged 6 to 12 years old
- Career Orientation for young people
- Become a star with training courses on Acting, Vocal Music, Models, Classic and Modern Dance and Tranning Miss Pageants
Pro Image curriculum is specifically designed to each trainee, the subjects will be oriented according to the needs of learners, man-to-man class will be prioritized. Especially, with an experienced team, Pro Image will build communication strategies which appropriate for each individual. That contribute to bringing to a professional and perfect image for an entrepreneur in the new era.
Pro Image helps you shaping, exploring, discovering, building personal brand and bringing into play your value; attracting more the opposite and give you success in work and life.