They talk about us

Ms Tôn Nữ Anh Thư – Directoor of Spa Anh Thư


"I'm proud to stand side by side with talented businesswomen from many industries during the time at ProImage Academy. ProImage Academy course are really benefit to me."


Ms. Bùi Thị Thanh Nhàn – The Winner of Women Leaders 2015

“It's such a luck for me to participate in Ms. Thu Huong's ProImage courses, whenre I can improve myself to become a professional women leader and win the highest award of Women Leader 2015. I believe that whoever you are, if you join in ProImage Academy, you will have a chance to explore yourself. "

Ms. Lê Thu Lộc – The Runner Up for Women Leaders 2016

"ProImage is the place help me step out of the comfort zone and reach for various opportunities both in life and business. From a business women who only knew family and work, I has changed into a positive person and conquer many thing that I never think of before. "


Ms. Nguyễn Võ Ngọc Uyên – The 2nd Runner Up for Women Leader 2016

"I'm proud to be a student at ProImage Academy. ProImage's courses and subjects are extremely helpful and benefitial for business leaders.  Thanks to class "Brand Building and Management", now I am able to develop my business professionally. Thank you, ProImage Academy!"


Ms. Trịnh Thị Mai Trâm – Director of Sunshine Ltc,. 

"ProImage gives me more confidence to operate and develop my business. ProImage classes are really relistic and useful. "

Winner of Women Leaders 2016 - Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen


"Chaning your mind and seeing things in a new perspectives are one of the best things that Pro Image Academy will bring to you. This is place that new generation can gain more experiences from previous generation."

Hoa hậu Bản sắc Việt toàn cầu Trần Thị Thu Ngân

"With relistic and pratical lessons, young individuals like me always have a chance to reach out their limitation."


Mrs. Beautiful body of Women Leaders 2016 – Ms Dương Tố Hoa

"ProImage Academy is the place that I found myself and confidence, which help me conquer high heels, catwalk contests, strict interviews from journalists, ... when I particiated in Women Leaders 2016"


Mrs. Ao Dai Paris Viet Nam – Paris Amy Lê Anh

"It's not just a course to help shape and develop your personal brand, Pro Image is also a place to help you create opportunities for yourself: the opportunity to shine, to discover your potential values, to expand our relationships and opportunities suitable with strong passion and strength. "


Mrs. Friendly of Women Leaders 2016 - Huỳnh Thị Ngọc Hạnh

"Each of us is a potential factor owning an opportunity to shine if we know how to enhance our strengths and imprive eveyday. And you can find that opportunity at ProImage Academy."


Top 6 of Women Leaders 2016 - Vũ Ngọc Hương

"ProImage Academy is not only an academy with lessons and theories but also your companion on the journey to your success."


Mrs. Asian - Kim Nguyễn

"I want to send my precious thanks to ProImage Academy for giving me a chance to shine in Mrs. Asian, where I earned the highest prize. Hope the best to your success."