The Winner of Asia Lady- Ms. Kim Nguyen brightly appeared in the red carpet of Women Leaders 2016

Mrs. Asia Kim Nguyen impressed audiences at the finale of Women Leaders 2016 with her charming and professional style

Mrs. Kim Nguyen appeared beautifully and luxuriously in the party dress.

In this appreance, Ms Nguyen Kim wore Do Long designer’s dress. The luxurious design had impressed her perfect shape and height.

Her fashion sense is aesthetic and exquisite. To her, wearing a beautiful outfit is the way to show her respect not only to herself and people around but also to the value that designer created.

As a guest in the Women Leader Final 2016, Ms Kim Nguyen shows her appreciation for being invited in this program. It’s also a time for meeting and networking with talented women and contributing to the sociality and public.

The Winner of Asia Lady – Ms Kim Nguyen is pround of Vietnamese women who makes effort for asserting the position in modern sociality.

Mrs. Asia – Ms Kim Nguyen and The Runner Up for The Wolrd Lady – Ms Thu Huong

.. and other beautifull lady

In Women Leader Finale 2016, Ms Kim Nguyen keeps her eyes on each the candidate’s competition.

She also said that she extremely support this program where all beautiful and talented women come to shine together.

Miss Kim Nguyen awarded who wins the 4th Award for Women Leader 2016.

Moc Tra
Make Up: Quan Nguyen
Hair Designer: Pu Le
Photographer: La Tran
Outfit: Do Long