Ms. Kim Xuyen – The journey to Mrs. Ao Dai

The audience attending the “The Talent” night would never forget the appearance of Ms. Kim Xuyen when she wore a white Ao Dai with the exquisitely cranes on it. In the performance of traditional costume, Kim Xuyen conquered the audience and the evaluation board to archive the tittle “Queen of Ao Dai” in Women Leaders 2016

In "The Talent" night, the audience had the opportunity to glimpse when viewed 23 beautiful young contestants in the traditional ao dai. Each contestant has their own colour of characteristic making the program more brilliant. With a delicate taste and the god of performance confidence, Kim Xuyen has stripped the beauty of the outfit as well as expresses the quality of Vietnamese women. These things made an impressive and unforgettable performance.

The performance AO DAI costume of Kim Xuyen

Ms. Kim Xuyen looks gracefully in Ao Dai, but in the real life, she is a woman full of bravery. She is the chairman of the Board of Directors Truong Thang Manufacturing and Trading Joint Stock Company and the owner of fashion Couple TX as well. With tittle “Queen of Ao Dai”, Kim Xuyen will archive the prize of 15 million Vietnam dong. This is voucher from a famous resort - AMIANA RESORT, who will be sponsor for candidates with best performance.

Kim Xuyen wins Mrs. Ao Dai

We hope all candidates of Women Leaders 2016 will shine brilliantly

Phương Linh
According to WL/ Thanh Niên Publisher