Ms. Ngoc Uyen – Women Power is spreading the happiness

Showing ambitious in cuisine business since childhood, businesswoman Nguyen Vo Ngoc Uyen has always used all her beliefs and experiences to establish the famous brand - Chicken 170 in Nha Trang City. With her, there is no certification more valuable for her success than the trust and support of customers.

As a candidate of Women Leaders 2016, Ms. Ngoc Uyen spends time with to share the successfull story of her business and her thought of the power of female leaders today.

Reporter: Hello Ngoc Uyen. Would you please share about yourself to get acquainted with the readers of
Hello. I am Nguyen Vo Ngoc Uyen  - Director of Son Ha Nha Trang Company and owner of Chicken 170 brand. My main conception is: Do not let life be bound by principles and live your life by your way. 

Reporter: What are the special mark and the achievements you achieved (both individuals and companies) in your business process?
To me, being recognized and appreciated for the quality of food by customers is my best success. Currently, Chicken 170 has branches in Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan. By the quality and reputation, customers and websites have broadened my brand. I am very happy and grateful for this.

Reporter: Can you share something to the female students or young women preparing to start a business?
With the good condition of learning nowadays, students must know their strengths and abilities to develop in the right direction and they should have passion, clear goal and complete in the smartest way.

Reporter: Why did you decide to join Women Leaders 2016?
Women Leaders is a very meaningful contest. This is an opportunity for me to introduce my brand and myself to the business community. I hope that I can improve myself through the contest and join hands with others to contribute more to the community and society.

Reporter: The contest is going to enter the most important stage. Candidates all over the country have started to be full up. What do you want to tell about the contest and  to the candidates of Women Leaders 2016?
A program that makes a lot of meaning. Wishing Women Leaders 2016  will be brilliant success and always a bridge for women leaders nationwide and the world. Here, I would also like to share with the candidates: Let's join hands with the power of women to spread love and responsibility to the community.

Thank you for sharing and hope you will shine with Women Leaders 2016!




Bao Tran
According to WL Magazine/Thanh Niên Publisher