“Customers’ health is the selling point” – Ms. To Hoa – CEO of Thanh Nhan Food

Although established only more than 6 months, Thanh Nhan Food Company with Halo- a brand of fresh beef provider is getting become a favorite to consumers. With the aim of seeing customer health and safety as the first priority, CEO of Thanh Nhan Food - Ms. Duong To Hoa always tries to make customers feel secure with Halo fresh products.

What reasons bring you to this búiness and become successfull as today?
I came to the job is grace and now I’m opening more stores to give consumers good meals and good health.

What is your business philosophy?
Bringing quality and clean products to consumers. The belief of the consumer is our happiness.

What are your (and company) contributions to the community and society untill now?
Frequently doing charity and contributing to charity family building.

What plans to develop your company in the future?
My intention is to build a chain of Halo clean food stores supplying for the chain of convenience supermarkets in the city and neighboring cities.

Please share some thought of yours to female students or young women who are going to start a business
If you want to do any work, you must love the work and completely put your mind into that work; so that you will be successful.

What is your view of happiness?
I always try to live well with people, no scramble with others, let give out and you will recieve good thing.

This year, the Women Leaders 2016 decided to take the "Female Leader with Society Responsibility" as the theme of the program. How do you think about the humanistic theme of the Power of Women?.
Every business, every individual, not just women leaders, but ordinary women, must also always think about the community. If the whole community develops, it is the foundation for our development. This is not only the responsibility of female leaders but also the responsibility of all people for the community.

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Bao Tran
According to WL Magazine/ Thanh Nien Publisher