DIRECTOR OF ANH THU BEAUTY SALON “The image of a leader is always the best proof for the aesthetic service”

To be well-known as a successful and talented businesswoman, all the accomplishments she has achieved over years surprise everyone, also for the development of Anh Thu Beauty Salon. This women leader never rests on her laurels, she always tries to research and learn new things in order to bring the best services to her clients as possible as she can. Thanks to these accomplishments, she was officially in The Top50 Typical International Women Leaders 2017

There are many competitors in terms about beauty fields. How could you overcome all the barriers to firmly assert your enterprise?

Nowadays, there are more and more spas and beauty salons have arisen yet I’m not afraid of the competition. In any kind of fields, competition is always the motivation for every entrepreneur to provide better quality of productions and services for customers. The motto that helps Anh Thu Beauty Salon firmly stand and develop is to make sure that our clients will be provided the best services. At the same time, we are always trying to update new techniques and methods to meet the requirement of our clients.
To accomplish it, my staff and I never stop learning to richen our knowledge, improving our skills and professional serving styles. Over the last 18 years, we have always put our prestige in the first priority. As a result, Anh Thu Beauty Salon always has a special place in the hearts of both domestic and foreign clients. At present, our business is going very well thanks to the increase of a huge number of clients every single day.


As you’ve just shared, nowadays; the beauty market has become diverse and dynamic owning to the arising of many beauty salons and spas. So, what are your secrets of success?

Medical and beauty technology has developed extremely fast and beauty trend has been changing over time as well. Therefore, my guideline is to learn and update beauty knowledge unstoppably in order to catch the trend and offer new appropriate business strategies for my own business.
To be a businesswoman, I am not only in charge of the internal and external business of the company, but also have to take care of my family completely. My key is very simple, I arrange time wisely and assign work reasonably. All of my staff have strong consensus and trust for each other on the journey of reaching success.
Besides, I also concentrate on building my own personal branding, because to me personal branding is the key for the success of enterprise. “Actions speak louder than words”. I am the first person to experience and evaluate the effective service quality of the beauty salon before serving clients. Hence, my beautiful personal image is the clearest proof for the prestige and the best way to PR Anh Thu beauty salon without using words.
Besides, I also positively attend the training course of Pro Image Academy in order to enhance my personal skills, boost my own branding to be more beautiful, professional and influential.

In the early of March, you were honored in Top50 Typical International Leaders 2017. How do you feel about this prize? 

I am very proud to be given this prize. This is the priceless accomplishment for my efforts and also my motivation to keep working and creating new values for society. I truly send my thanks to all my staff in Anh Thu Beauty Salon for always companying and supporting me to complete my role of a leader. I also want to say thank you to Mrs. World Runner up Thu Huong for helping Ton Nu Anh Thu and Anh Thu Beauty Salon spread throughout Vietnam.

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