CEO Nguyen Minh Phuc wining 4th award of Women Leaders 2016

The audience busted in joy when Ms. Nguyen Minh Phuc was ranked fourth in the WOMEN LEADERS 2016.

Shining in the Talent night

CEO Nguyen Minh Phuc had surprised all the judges with her talent during the Event occurred, especially her performance on the night of December 9th. 

CEO Nguyen Minh Phuc and her performance under the theme of ”The Woman” song

CEO Nguyen Minh Phuc impressed all the audience and judges with her talent and received the 4th award of Women Leaders 2016

TGĐ Nguyễn Minh Phúc "ghi điểm" với Hội đồng thẩm định bằng thần thái tự tin và nụ cười rạng rỡ

With the noble appearance and a bright smile together with her confidence, CEO Nguyen Minh Phuc had successfully impressed the beauty and goodness of Vietnamese modern woman. 


CEO Nguyen Minh Phuc wining 4th Award Of Women Leaders 2016

Thanks to the great support from staffs of the Hoang Gia Mom and Baby Medical Care Centre during the time Show occurred, Ms. Nguyen Minh Phuc shine like a diamond in the finale of Women Leaders 2016.


The show closed with full of emotion, CEO Nhuyen Minh Phuc – a little women but stays with full of energy – has brought us a brand new perspective of 21st century Vietnamese women.