Become a star

“Become a Star” Program is specially designed for young people, who want to work in showbis

The "Become a Star" program is divided into classes:


Acting on stage
Use script
Pronunciation and voice practice
Practice at Studio


Beathing practice, vocal training, voice training
Skill to act in front of camera 
Public speaking skills
Interview skills

Skill of hosting a dialogue show
Game control
Television and radio show control

Training Program for Models and Beauty Contest

Self improvement
Building elegant & wisdom image
Make up, hairstyle, makeover
Communication skill
Public speaking skill
Response Skill
Performance skills in public
Catwalk skill

The program "Become Star" was found by Pro Image with the desire to bring the most practical program for students on the way to the field of entertainment. Pro Image is honored to be the unit that will accompany and nominate outstanding candidates for international beauty contests such as Mrs Asian, Mrs World, Mrs Universe ... and is a consultant and co-organizer of the Miss Universe Vietnamese Global pageant in 2016.