Career Orientation

Building Personal Image for The Next Generation Program is specially designed for young people aged from 16 to 22, including basic to advanced courses, helping young people to improve experience and skills to determine themselves and confidently pursuit their passion suitable with personality and the orientation from experts in the field of start-up and development of personal skills.

Courses in the program include:
- Awakening potential within the body
- Differentiating personality types
- Positive Thinking
- Build confidence
- Time management
- The art of persuasion
- Art of leadership
- Body language
- The power of costumes
- Modern dance

Pro Image Academy is proud to be a place where successful parents send their children to improve their skills. Pro Image together with parents and leaders confidently orientate, train and foster so many young generations like Miss Vietnam Global Tran Thi Thu Ngan - daughter of the female Businessman Le Thanh Hoa.

Pro Image Academy is also proud to be the consultant and training unit for Miss Vietnam Global 2016 pageant. In addition, in association with International Women's Network (WLIN), Pro Image has established the International Young Women Leadership Network (YWLIN) with the desire to create an ideal playground for young people aim to train, orientate and support start-up activities . YWLIN is also a gathering place for outstanding and successful youngsters such as: Nguyen Tran Phi Yen, CNN Money Channel Director Asia Pacific - Dr. Angelia Le Van Anh, runner-up Hoang Oanh, ...