Business Program

As the increasing development of society, the need for personal improvement and personal branding associated with the organization becomes more and more essential, leaders not only need good business management skills but also becomeplay a key role to represent the professional image of their business to the public.

Modern leaders demand a keen sense, an entrepreneurial style of business management and an impressive demeanor when appearing in public. Besides, they also need to enrich their knowledge of building and management of personal brand in order to promote their company's image as well as its products and services more effectively.


Lessons specially designed for business men and women

The Art of Personal Branding

Social Network Branding 

The Art of Cummunication at Events

The Art of Dinning Communcation

The Art of Public Communication 


Business Style Program

Pro Image Academy is proud to be associated with programs for successful businessmen such as Top 100 Business Styles, International Women Leaders Forum, Women Leaders Contest, etc. with the aims of creating the professional image for entrepreneurs in the new era. With many years of experience in the field of training and building professional image, Pro Image has earned the trust from many businessmen such as Mr. Duong Quoc Nam - owner of Pho Xinh interior; The Winner of Women Leaders 2016 Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen - Owner of Couple TX brand; The Winer of Women Leaders 2015 Bui Thi Thanh Nhan - CEO of Dan Viet Steel Company, .....