ProParents Program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs having children from 0-6 years old. This program will give students basic knowledge to advanced in the art of raising and teaching children!

Pro Parents's course includes:

Lesson 1: Making friend to your kids

Lesson 2: Being exellent kids

Lesson 3: Physical condition is the foundation of knowledge 

Lesson 4: Education of hardworking generation 

Lesson 5: Building good habit

Lesson 6: Education of children behaviour

Lesson 7: Responsibility 

Lesson: Education of basic notions

Lesson 9: Toys

Lesson 10: Mommy! I wanna learn!

Lesson 11: How to lie?

Lesson 12: Education method

Lesson 13: Life changes when we change

Tuition Fees

1. Private course: 1 lecturer - 1 student: 100 Million VND

2. Class with more than 5 students: 36 Million VND/ student